Fort Launderdale Investment Property for Sale

Fort Launderdale Investment Property for Sale

Fort Lauderdale is known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and diverse culture. It’s no wonder that investors are constantly on the lookout for prime real estate in this thriving city. One such investment opportunity is a stunning 4-bedroom home located on a massive piece of land, which is currently up for sale.

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What sets this property apart from others is not only its prime location but also its potential for generating multiple income streams. The property is equipped with separate meters and two kitchens, making it a perfect candidate for conversion into a duplex. Additionally, there is an option to add 2 to 9 units, further increasing the potential for rental income.

Fort Launderdale Investment Property for Sale

The spacious yard is a true oasis, featuring a firepit, a covered zen seating area with a TV, a BBQ grill area, and a heated pool. This outdoor space provides the perfect setting for guests to relax and unwind. Furthermore, there is ample room to add a hot tub area, catering to those seeking an even more luxurious experience.

In terms of practicality, the property offers plenty of parking space, accommodating multiple tenants or visitors. This feature ensures convenience and accessibility for all occupants. Moreover, recently installed HVAC units guarantee a comfortable environment throughout the property.

The current owner has spared no expense in maintaining and updating the property. Newly purchased appliances and some furniture are included in the sale price, making it an even more attractive investment opportunity. The attention to detail and commitment to providing a top-notch experience for tenants and guests is evident in every aspect of this property.

Investing in Fort Lauderdale’s real estate market has proven to be a lucrative venture, and this investment property offers an exceptional opportunity to maximize returns. Its prime location, potential for short-term rentals, and ability to generate multiple income streams make it a highly desirable asset.

Whether you are an experienced real estate investor or a novice looking to enter the market, this Fort Lauderdale investment property is worth serious consideration. With its prime location, luxurious amenities, and potential for significant returns on investment, it is an opportunity that should not be missed. Contact the listing agent today to secure your chance to own this magnificent property and capitalize on the thriving real estate market in Fort Lauderdale.

2740 NE 30 Place, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306





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