Idaho Fixer-Upper House For Sale

Idaho Fixer-Upper House For Sale

Nestled on a spacious half-acre plot, this Idaho fixer-upper house presents a remarkable opportunity for those seeking a project with endless potential. Located conveniently just off the freeway and free from any homeowner association restrictions, this property offers ample space to create a dream garden or build a customized workshop. With a partially finished basement, private well and septic, and only electricity as the utility, this house is an ideal canvas for a DIY fix-up or a lucrative flip.

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One of the standout features of this property is the expansive half-acre lot, providing ample space and endless possibilities for outdoor projects. Whether you’re an avid gardener or simply desire a serene backyard retreat, this property offers the perfect canvas to bring your vision to life. The absence of a homeowner association ensures the freedom to customize the space according to your specific needs and preferences.

Idaho Fixer-Upper House For Sale


The basement, though partially finished, allows for further customization and expansion. With a little creativity and effort, the unfinished framing can be transformed into additional living spaces, a recreational area, or even a home office. The freedom to mold the basement according to your unique requirements is an exceptional opportunity to create a space that perfectly suits your lifestyle.

Over the years, this property has seen various infrastructure improvements that enhance its overall value. The central HVAC system was installed in 2008, replacing the previous ceiling radiant system. This upgrade ensures comfortable temperatures year-round and adds to the property’s energy efficiency.

In 2009, the roof was renovated, with wood shingles replaced by durable asphalt shingles. This update not only enhances the house’s appearance but also provides better protection against the elements, ensuring long-term durability and reduced maintenance costs.

The property’s insulation was improved in 2011, with the addition of blow-in attic insulation. This upgrade helps maintain a comfortable indoor environment while potentially reducing energy consumption and associated expenses.

The septic system, last serviced in 2012, ensures the proper functioning of waste disposal. This recent maintenance adds peace of mind for the buyer, knowing that this essential aspect of the property has been well-maintained.

Additionally, the well pump was replaced in 2020, guaranteeing a reliable and consistent water supply. With a new well pump, the property’s water needs are effectively met, adding convenience and reducing potential future expenses.

Most notably, the heat pump compressor was recently replaced in November 2022, ensuring efficient heating and cooling. This upgrade not only increases the property’s energy efficiency but also contributes to a comfortable living environment.

With its substantial potential and desirable features, this Idaho fixer-upper house presents an exciting opportunity for buyers seeking a project to transform into their own dream home. The expansive lot, absence of homeowner association restrictions, and partially finished basement offer endless possibilities for customization and expansion. The recent infrastructure upgrades, including the HVAC system, roof, insulation, septic, well pump, and heat pump compressor, provide a solid foundation for the buyer to build upon.

This property is waiting for the right buyer to unlock its true potential and turn it into a remarkable home. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or an investor looking for a profitable flip, this Idaho fixer-upper is ready to be transformed into a haven that reflects your unique style and aspirations. Don’t miss this opportunity to make your mark on a property with boundless possibilities.

3211 Marble Front Road, Caldwell, ID 83605-8004





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